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About the Chef

After ten years working in the restaurant/hotel industry as a Pastry Chef, I knew I had the passion and capacity in me to do something for myself. Months after drafting the concept, testing recipes, and registering as a business, I was furloughed due to Covid. I saw this time as my window of opportunity. I launched dõ in June '20 and never looked back.

With dõ I want to create a bakery that brings the community together. I hope to open a bakery in a neighborhood and become one with it; where neighbors walk over to get their daily bread, where families gather on Sundays, where the elders come in early in the morning for their coffee and pastry. I want to greet by name every person that walks through those doors. I want dõ, not only to be a business, but to be part of a community, part of the daily lives of those around me.

After a year and half running as a cottage bakery from home, I'm finally able to grow and expand, operating from a commercial kitchen, and opening a small retail shop where the community can come by and shop at ‘dõ's Tiny Bread Shed’. Hoping this is only a tiny step towards the big dream of a full neighborhood bakery.

Camila Velez G


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