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Sourdo bread
Sourdõ - $10

Austin, TX local Barton Springs Mill Flour, water & salt.

White and Whole Wheat

Pan sobao
Pan Sobao - $6

Traditional PuertoRican bread. Perfect for breakfast sandwiches. Once you try it, your taste buds wont be able to get over it. Promise

Bagels - $3

Sourdõ Bagles boiled in agave bubble bath.

House Flavors: Plain, Everything, Cinnamon Sugar

Sweet rolls
Sweet Rolls - $6

House Rolls: Guava Cream Cheese Rolls & Cinnamon Cream Cheese Rolls
+ seasonal specials!

Classic brioche
Classic Brioche - $10

Made with high quality european style butter for a rich flavorful brioche. choose your flavor!

Cinnamon brioche
Cinnamon Brioche - $10

A childhood favorite. Swirls made of memories

Matcha brioche
Matcha Brioche - $11

Ceremonial grade matcha, imported by Matcha is for Lovers

Herb Focaccia
Herb Focaccia - $8

(v) Rosemary and Thyme Herbs, Local Olive Oil, Maldon Salt

Butters & Spreads - $5

House made flavored butters.

Assorted rotation
Butters: cinnamon, honey, herbs
Cream Cheese: herb, whipped plain, guava

Sweet Specials
Sweet Specials

Assorted rotation sweets like banana bread, lemon poppy loaf, muffins and more!

These items are available for purchase at dõ's Tiny Bread Shed.