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Sourdo bread
Sourdõ - $8

Austin, TX local Barton Springs Mill Flour, water & salt.

White and Whole Wheat

Pan sobao
Pan Sobao - $5

Traditional PuertoRican bread. Perfect for breakfast sandwiches. Once you try it, your taste buds wont be able to get over it. Promise

Bagels - $2

Sourdõ Bagles boiled in honey bubble bath.

House Flavors: Plain, Everything, Cinnamon Sugar

Sweet rolls
Sweet Rolls - $5/$10

House Rolls: Guava Cream Cheese & Cinnamon
+ seasonal specials!

Classic brioche
Classic Brioche - $8

Made with high quality european style butter for a rich flavorful brioche. choose your flavor!

Cinnamon brioche
Cinnamon Brioche - $8

A childhood favorite. Swirls made of memories

Matcha brioche
Matcha Brioche - $9

Ceremonial grade matcha, imported by Matcha is for Lovers

Herb Focaccia
Herb Focaccia - $7

(v) Rosemary and Thyme Herbs, Local Olive Oil, Maldon Salt

Butters & Spreads - $5

House made flavored butters.

Assorted rotation- Honey. Cinnamon Sugar. Basil Pesto. Guava Cream Cheese. Roasted Bell Pepper

Sweet Specials
Sweet Specials

Assorted rotation sweets like banana bread, lemon poppy loaf, cookies, scones and more!

These items are available at The Tiny Bread Shed.